Aspekt Engeneering L.L.C-FZ

Our look at your business process is similar to an engineer’s point of view on process, product or service.
We make your business process management easy and smooth, like many similar companies, but a little bit different.

About the company name

There aren’t two grammar mistakes in company’s name.
Our company has its own point of view, a little bit different from others.
The new born company has 15 years’ experience under its belt.

Our team is like well-coordinated ship’s crew

Everyone is going affirmative
We are going to communicate
Everyone is going to the left
We are going to the right

Core Competencies

Manual composition for asset maintenance, EAM (enterprises asset management) of power plants, mechanical parts
Spare parts re-engineering and qualification for gas and steam turbine, pumps and generators

Services Provided

Reconstruction of design documentation archives by parametric modelling method
Development of design documentation for prototypes and industrial samples, reverse-engineering
Development and implementation of technological and primary production documentation
Development of regulations and technological documentation for maintenance and repair
Optimization of machining processes on CNC machines
Construction and modelling of algorithms, regulations for the collection and processing of production and technological parameters
Implementation of ERP-class information systems


Fundamental Principles

  1. Production processes comply with the technical documentation

  2. Results of all control operations are recorded and stored

  3. Technical documentation is kept up to date

  4. Up-to-date documentation is available at workstations

  5. The tasks of storage, exchange, access, synthesis of management information is solved by the information system.

Logical Structure

  1. Search for any “black boxes” in your business process

  2. Issue missing technical documentation

  3. Release executor’s primary documentation

  4. Organise storage of the results of control operations

  5. Manage information synthesis

  6. Evaluate the possibility of process optimisation

  7. Prepare automation of decision-making management

Methods & Tools

Parametric modelling of the object by means of CAD with consecutive deepening of decomposition.

Creation of regulations for handling and storage of primary production documentation.

Automation of adjustments of production processes with regard to changes in the criteria for assessing key indicators.

The documentation is produced in accordance with the parametric Object Model.

Primary production documentation is produced to record the results of control transitions.

Definition of a list of key indicators of the production process.

Parametrization of management impact limitations (technological, infrastructural, industrial safety).


Aspekt Engeneering LLC-FZ
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